Annual Conference

The UK National Work-Stress Network holds an Annual Conference some time in November each year.

Our Workstress Conference 2019 this year is: “Moving toward a better work environment for all” and will be held on Saturday, November 23rd 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. to Sunday, November 24th 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at Hillscourt Conference Centre, Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8RS.

Sharing Good Practice in Supporting Members and Getting Employers on Board.

This year we want to focus on the tools and strategies needed by Trade Unionists to support their members, protect themselves and get employers engaged in tackling work stress to our make work places a safer place for all.

So far confirmed for our conference!

Hilda Palmer - Families Against Corporate Killers, FACK, and Hazards - Speaking on Holding employers to account despite weak law and poor enforcement. Plus a Workshop on Corporate responsibility and holding employers to account.

Professor Diana Kloss MBE - a barrister, University teacher, former employment tribunal judge and hon President, Council for Work and Health - The employer’s duty of reasonable adjustment for workers with a disability: Equality Act 2010. Plus a Workshop on role of occupational health practitioners; fact and fiction.

Professor Gail Kinman - Professor in Occupational Health Psychology at the university of Bedford - Speaking on stigma in work-related stress and mental health. Plus a Workshop on the misuse of staff surveys.


Last year we asked our delegates to tell us what they wanted to see at future conferences these are some of their suggestions:

Mental Health first aid, Liability of employers within the law and keeping them to it!, Coping with pressures of being a rep, Expanding awareness of work stress to lower tiers of management and within union colleagues:, Presenteeism &  dealing with unknown mental health issues, Reasonable adjustments, absence management, mental health  & equality act

Using this feedback we will shape our conferences now and in the future to help make work environments better for all.

Our aim is to provide the information, exchange of good practice, networking opportunities and helpful interaction to send you back to your workplaces with the tools you need to make your workplaces safe for all.


Our accommodation costs have increased so we have had to forego our early bird discount to keep costs down!

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We distribute four useful handouts to all our Conference delegates every year but you can also access them from our Downloads page.