What the network is all about

All too often we hear of workers trapped in highly stressful environments, often also the subject of bullying, victimisation and harassment or discrimination.

When we see how they are affected by their work (and sometimes by fellow workers), it is heart-rending to say the least. We learn that their managers or employers make excessive demands, neglect their common law duty of care and clearly ignore the cost to the organisation, through sick pay, long term absence, reduced production and potential compensation for making their workers ill.

The UK National Work-Stress Network is committed to the eradication of the causes of work-related stress and associated illnesses. It campaigns to advance this aim through its involvement with the Hazards Campaign; and in conjunction with the TUC, European organisations, within UK Trades Union structures.

The Network calls for:

  • Employers, Company Directors and managers at all levels to acknowledge their duty of care and for their acceptance of their health and safety responsibilities to the workforce;
  • Legislation and enforcement procedures to outlaw all forms of workplace stress, bullying and victimisation; also to ensure full corporate liability for workplace injury; and
  • The creation of a caring, supportive workplace culture with 'Dignity at Work' for all and for worker sensitive procedures for all.

The Network consists of many hundreds of like-minded people, some of whom have suffered the consequences of work-related stress. Amongst our numbers are experienced caseworkers, counsellors, occupational health workers, trades union lay and paid officers and those who are just determined to see effective management which recognises the needs of the workforce as well as of business.

However we are not experts and we are not equipped to provide individual casework support or representation - that is the role of trades union officers or officials, medical experts and, where appropriate, lawyers.

Our downloadable Network Information Pack which will tell you all about the work of the Network and which contains all the information published in these web pages, and our website, (which regularly receives over 14,000 visits each month), is the basis for the information we provide. We also produce three or fourelectronic newsletters each year, with paper copies for those who specifically request them. In addition we facilitate workshops and seminars as requested and play a significant role at Hazards Conferences in UK and Europe. We are grateful to those individuals, organisations and Trades Unions who have sponsored our activity.

Our activities are funded by very generous donations and sponsorship of newsletter editions, web-pages and other activities. We do not have a regular income and look to individuals and Trades Union branches as well as independent organisations to support our work where possible.

If you would like to, play an active role in the Network's campaigning work, or just feedback on your successes in the workplace, then do please get in touch. We will be pleased to hear from you and possibly to meet you in practical sessions. If you would like to support our activities, please contact us via this website.

If you are interested you can find out more about the UK National Work-Stress Network, the history of the Network and who's who.

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