Who's Who in the Network

The Steering Group

  • Bob Woods RIP, formerly Network Coordinator - retired UNISON.  Bob sadly passed away on 20th September 2019 after a long illness.  
  • Ray O'Neill, Steering Group Chair & Auditor - NASUWT
  • Philip Lewis, Steering Group Vice Chair, Social Media - UNISON & London Hazards Campaign
  • Vaughan Skirrey, Deputy Neywork Cooordinator & Minutes Secretary - UNISON
  • Julie Walker, Treasurer - Derby Homes, currently standing in for Bob Woods as Conference Organiser
  • Joan McNulty, Conference Secretary - UNISON, currently standing in for Bob Woods as Coordinator
  • Sue Bennett, Diary & Bookings Secretary - UNITE
  • Richard Platt, Website Maintenance & Social Media - Derby Homes
  • Grant Anderson, Website Maintenance - retired PCS
  • Ian Draper, Steering Group Member - retired UNITE [Amicus]
  • Mark Botham, Steering Group Member - Police Federation [N Yorks]
  • Scott Donohoe, Steering Group Member - UNISON
  • Sean Duignan, Steering Group Member - UNISON
  • Joe Simpson, Steering Group Member - POA
  • Marilyn Bramble-Litchmore, Steering Group Member - UNISON
  • Debbie Williams, Steering Group Member - Fire Officers Assocation
  • Debbie Davis, Steering Group Member - POA

Dr. Gail Kinman, CPsychol CSci AFBPsS is Academic Advisor to UKNWSN

Former Network Coordinator Bob Woods RIP