Help and Information

We have provided a selection of downloads and links to help you along the way, but first some general suggestions:

  • Be observant of co-workers’ behaviour patterns and their health and well-being
  • Discuss the stressors with your work colleagues especially in the context of a Trade Union branch meeting
  • Discuss your own issues with your Trade Union Steward or Safety Representative
  • Carry out a simple audit to find out what the problems are – see our downloads page for an example of an audit
  • Make notes of incidents, conversations, observations and problems as they arise and how they’re dealt with
  •  Download our Information Pack to read in more detail about the causes, effects, symptoms of stress and its costs and impact
  • Take up the issues with relevant managers, involving your Trade Union Steward where necessary – keep notes of meetings and do not allow yourself to be talked out of needing support or representation
  • Get your Health and Safety Representative to include a stress section in at least one premises safety inspection report each year and keep the subject on the Safety Committee agenda


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