News items relating to work-related stress:

The updated version of our very popular stress booklet is out

Brits are in the throes of a stress "epidemic" due to pressure at work, financial worries and health concerns

Paul Farmer, co-author of the Thriving At Work report, said mental health was a taboo subject in many workplaces.

Rates of anxiety and depression among employees has soared by nearly a third since records began in 2013, prompting calls for ‘urgent action’

Ambulance workers are under so much pressure that thousands took sick leave last year due to stress-related illnesses, according to new union research published today.

An overwhelming number of teachers in the UK have suffered either physically or mentally because of their jobs, a study has suggested.

The number of UK fire and rescue staff taking long-term sick leave due to mental illness has risen by nearly a third over the last six years, figures show.

Nearly a third of fit notes issued by GPs are for psychiatric problems, says an NHS report.

A Freedom of Information request showed 86 officers across the four Welsh police forces were too ill to work in June due to mental health issues.

Death of a child, getting divorced and losing a job are included on the list

If you needed a reminder of the importance of discussing mental health in the workplace, here are some fresh stats.

Public sector staff are more likely to feel anxious at work and take sick days for their mental health than those in the private sector, research suggests.

Teachers are stuck in roles they can no longer cope with but can't leave because of their financial circumstances, says Education Datalab head

UK workers are three times more likely to go into work when ill than pull a sickie, a survey has suggested.

"Having to respond to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests is affecting workers’ mental health", says delegate.

A third of UK employees say remote access to work means they can’t switch off

FACK have issued a statement to be read out at International Workers' Memorial Day 2017 events!

More than 900 adult social care workers a day quit their job in England last year, new figures reveal.

Staff shortages, pressure to meet response targets, long shifts and emotional toll said to explain rise in stress-related sick days