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UK National Work-stress Network
National and European Work Hazards Network

Suggested appeal to Trades Union (National or Branch) or other organisation, about the work of the UK National Work-Stress Network and in particular seeking financial and other support.

To whom it may concern:

As a member of the UK National Work-Stress Network, which is a sub-network of the European Work Hazards Network, I have become very much involved in the campaigning work on the issue of workplace-stress. -The campaign for legislation to eradicate and prevent workplace-stress is growing and has been high on the agenda of national and European conferences within the Hazards Movement.

The Hazards Movement consists of those who have an interest in Health & Safety and the likely hazards that are created in workplaces. Members include Safety Representatives, Shop floor and 'blue-collar' workers, Trades Union Officials and lay Officers, Occupational Health Workers, and many others. The UK National Work-stress Network also has Management Consultants as well as Hazards Centre Workers involved.

The Network has grown from workshop discussions at conferences across the UK and in Europe. The Rimini 5th European Work Hazards Conference in 1994 (E.W.H.C) saw the birth of the European Work-stress Network from which UK National Work-stress Network derives its roots. Since 1994, the Network has been taking shape and launched a national one-day conference in Birmingham in June 1996 which has been held every year since then.

The UK National Work-stress Network is operated through a steering group established in June 1996 and which meets regularly to review progress, links with Europe and other developments. Speakers are available to talk about the issue of work place stress and would be open to invitation, at a cost of expenses only.

The network has prepared an information pack and will maintain its mailing of regular newsletters and other information as things develop to those on the mailing database. Over 300 members receive regular updates. We now run a website at which enables you to download a wide range of material.

All of these ways of providing and receiving information cost money and at present the network is running on donations and profits from the Conferences. For the more expensive outlays, we often have to look to other providers to sponsor events, facilities, newsletters and other such items.

Stress in the workplace has become very well recognised. Many employers have stress Policies and seek to make the working environment as conducive to good relationships and working practices as possible, recognising their employer duties to care for their employees' well being under H&S legislation.

In Europe, there already exists in some countries, legislation which prevents and outlaws stressful practices and situations. An objective of the UK National Work-stress Network is to achieve such legislation in the UK.

How can you help? The UK National Work-stress Network would benefit from whatever support you can give. It may be a donation, it may be sponsorship of a newsletter, or it may be sponsorship of a conference. In return we would be pleased to provide whatever information your organisation might request, and to ensure that your name is included on any materials you have sponsored.

If you are in a position to help us, please send donations to:

Les Roberts
33 Old Street

Please give details of any event or item you would like to sponsor or part-sponsor, and we will discuss with you how your name can be included.

Below are some suggested sponsorship examples:-

Newsletters: Print & Mail £100.00 per edition
Website Page: £50.00 plus monthly costs
Conference Programme: £50.00 per page; £30 per half page

All donations gladly accepted. Cheques payable to UK National Work-stress Network please. Receipts will be provided if requested.

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