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Stress Network Annual Conference 2015

Saturday November 28th to Sunday November 29th 2015 at the Hillscourt Conference, Centre, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8RS

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About Us

All too often we hear of workers trapped in highly stressful environments, often also the subject of bullying, victimisation and harassment or discrimination. When we see how they are affected by their work (and sometimes by fellow workers), it is heart-rending to say the least.

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Our Aims

The UK National Work Stress Network has as its fundamental aims:

  • Education and awareness raising.
  • Links with other organisations seeking to eliminate bullying, harassment and work-related stress.
  • Assisting groups tackling workplace stress.

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UKNWSN holds an annual conference sometime in November each year and you can access all the documents and photos (if available) from all our previous conferences on this page.

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What's New

Our health and safety will not survive another five years If we don’t fight back, reclaim the health and safety agenda, educate, organise and agitate to make work safe. If we don’t there will be no health, no safety, and no justice at work, for us, our children and their children.

what is the actual cost of workplace stress? To employers, employees, families, NHS etc Would workstress be taken more seriously if the real costs were appreciated?

The General Election in May will be a significant event for employment law. Will we get a Government that will contiue to erode the rights of employees and Trade Unions. Or will a Labour Government redress the balance?